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Gemini IV - 1965 Capsule Model Diecut Model

Old Modern Handicrafts

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4 1/2" Long
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Step into History: Gemini IV - 1965 Capsule Model Diecut by Old Modern Handicrafts - A Detailed Tribute to America's Pioneering Space Program"

Immerse yourself in the iconic era of America's space race with the Gemini IV - 1965 Capsule Model Diecut by Old Modern Handicrafts. This finely crafted model serves as a commemoration of America's historic space program, allowing enthusiasts to delve into the precise interior details through a removable hatch panel. The model boasts an authentic exterior finish and reentry shield, capturing the essence of the groundbreaking Gemini IV mission. Arriving ready to be showcased on a custom base and stand, this capsule model becomes a captivating conversation piece, transporting you back to a time of space exploration milestones. As a testament to Old Modern Handicrafts' commitment to historical accuracy, this Gemini IV model stands as a vivid tribute to the pioneers of space travel, making it an essential addition for collectors and space enthusiasts alike.


  • Commemorates America's Historic Space Program
  • Removable Hatch Panel Provides a Look Into the Precise Interior Details
  • Authentic Exterior Finish & Reentry Shield
  • Arrives Ready to Display on a Custom Base & Stand
  • A Great Conversation Piece Straight from America's Space Race