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Other Scales

From diecast police cars to diecast semi-trucks, our inventory is packed full of various-sized model cars priced to sell. Collectable Diecast carries scales of every rare variety, from 1/16 to 1/87 model diecast cars, made by the most popular brands, like Welly, Kinsmart Diecast, and Jada Toys.

The unmatched inventory at Collectable Diecast is stocked with the most interesting diecast cars on the market carrying enough details to make both the collector and the new-comer swoon. Regardless of the scale, all diecast cars available on showcase the stunning features of their larger counterparts, whether they’re a foot long or just a few inches.

For more information about scale, take a look at our size chart. Or, for more specific questions, reach out our knowledgeable customer service department and they’ll make sure you’re equipped with the diecast car of your dreams.