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1958 Plymouth Belvedere - Cream 1:64 Scale

M2 Machines

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1:64 Scale
3" Long
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Classic Elegance: 1958 Plymouth Belvedere - Cream 1:64 Scale

Introducing the limited edition 1958 Plymouth Belvedere - Cream 1:64 Scale by M2 Machines, a timeless icon of automotive history. This meticulously detailed model includes an acrylic display case, allowing you to admire its finely crafted features up close. With both hood and doors that open, you can explore the intricacies of its engine and interior, meticulously replicated to capture the essence of vintage elegance. The diecast body and chassis are complemented by authentic cream paint and graphics, while smooth rolling rubber tires ensure it glides effortlessly on any surface. Perfectly presented on a full-color display card, this miniature Plymouth Belvedere is a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts alike, celebrating the enduring allure of mid-century American automobiles.


  • Limited Edition 1958 Plymouth Belvedere - Cream 1:64 Scale
  • Acrylic Display Case Included
  • Hood & Doors Open
  • Detailed Engine & Interior
  • Detailed Diecast Body & Chassis
  • Authentic Paint & Graphics
  • Full Color Display Card
  • Smooth Rolling Rubber Tires