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Confederate Inf. (American Civil War) 1/72 Figures 1:72 Scale Plastic Model Kit


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1:72 Scale
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Experience History: Confederate Infantry in the American Civil War 1/72 Figures

March Alongside the Courageous Soldiers of the Confederacy


  • Authentic Representation: Immerse yourself in the tumultuous era of the American Civil War with our meticulously crafted 1/72 figures depicting Confederate Infantry soldiers. Each figure captures the distinctive uniforms and weaponry of the Confederacy, allowing you to recreate historical battles with remarkable accuracy.
  • Historical Significance: Step back in time and relive the defining moments of the Civil War as you command your Confederate Infantry troops on the battlefield. From their iconic gray uniforms to their traditional muskets and bayonets, these figures embody the spirit of the Confederacy and its fight for independence.
  • Easy Assembly: Designed for modelers of all skill levels, these figures feature a skill level of 1, making them suitable for both novice and experienced hobbyists. Spend less time assembling and more time bringing history to life with our hassle-free model kits.
  • Versatile Display Options: Whether you're creating a diorama, wargaming scenario, or historical display, these Confederate Infantry figures are perfect for military enthusiasts and collectors alike. Enhance your collection with detailed and authentic miniatures that capture the essence of the Civil War.
  • About Italeri: With a rich heritage spanning over six decades, Italeri is renowned for its commitment to quality and authenticity in modeling. Our dedication to historical accuracy ensures that our models reflect the true essence of military history, allowing you to create captivating scenes from the past.