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Full Size Pickup Truck Wooden Mechanical Model Kit 706 Pieces Wood Model Kit


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Manufacturer Sku:
706 Pieces
14" Long
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  • Wooden Model Kit
  • Fun & Challenging to Build
  • Display with Pride & a Feeling of Accomplishment
  • Hood Opens
  • All Doors Open
  • Tailgate Opens
What is unique about the WoodTrick pickup truck? The Full-Size Pickup Truck has a spring motor and can travel up to 10 meters simultaneously. The force from the motor is transmitted to the wheels through the driveshaft. Our designers deliberately tried to make the engine work as realistically as possible. We also took care of the suspension: we equipped all four wheels of our pickup truck with the reinforced suspension to increase the level of cross-country ability of the vehicle. We were inspired by different pickup trucks from different manufacturers to create our model. The main prototype has rear-wheel drive and its massive body is associated with strength, endurance, and excellent cross-country ability. We were impressed by both the design and performance of this mighty vehicle.