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Porsche 356 Coupe - Black 1:18 Scale Diecast Model Car


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1:18 Scale
9" Long
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Porsche 356 Coupe - Black: Iconic Elegance

Discover iconic elegance with Norev's 1:18 scale Porsche 356 Coupe in timeless black. This diecast model pays tribute to Ferdinand Porsche's original sports car, perfectly recreating its distinctive design. The full interior detailing and masterfully crafted sealed diecast body capture the essence of this sought-after and collectible Porsche. With smooth rolling rubber tires and a sealed diecast Porsche 356 body, this model embodies the spirit of a classic icon. Whether you're a collector or a Porsche enthusiast, this black 356 Coupe is a symbol of timeless elegance.


  • Limited Edition Diecast Model
  • Perfectly Recreates Ferdinand Porsche's Original Sports Car
  • Full Interior Detailing
  • One of the Most Sought After & Collectible Porsches of All Time
  • Smooth Rolling Rubber Tires
  • Masterfully Crafted Sealed Diecast Porsche 356 Body