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Porsche 356A Speedster - Black 1:24 Scale Diecast Model Car


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1:24 Scale
7" Long
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Welly Introduces the Epitome of Elegance: Porsche 356A Speedster in Black - A 1:24 Scale Diecast Masterpiece

Welly presents the Porsche 356A Speedster in timeless black, a 1:24 scale diecast model that embodies classic sophistication and precision engineering. The model boasts opening hood and doors, providing a glimpse into the meticulously detailed interior that mirrors the luxurious design of the original Porsche Speedster. Loaded with chrome trim pieces and featuring chrome wheels, this model pays homage to one of the most sought-after classics in automotive history. The posable front wheels add a dynamic touch to the display, allowing enthusiasts to appreciate the craftsmanship from various angles. Rolling smoothly on rubber tires, this diecast model is not merely a collectible; it's a statement piece, allowing collectors and Porsche enthusiasts alike to own a symbol of timeless elegance and automotive excellence.


  • Precision Porsche 356A Speedster - Black Diecast Model Car
  • Hood & Doors Open
  • Detailed Interior
  • Loaded with Chrome Trim Pieces
  • Own One of the Most Sought After Classic Porsche's
  • Chrome Wheels
  • Posable Front Wheels
  • Smooth Rolling Rubber Tires