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Remote Control Tiger 1 Tank - Gray w/Airsoft Cannon 1:18 Scale Remote Control Tank

CIS Associates

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1:18 Scale
18" Long
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CIS Associates Unleashes Battle-Ready Fun: 1:18 Scale Remote Control Tiger 1 Tank with Airsoft Cannon

Gear up for thrilling remote-controlled battles with CIS Associates' precision-engineered 1:18 scale Remote Control Tiger 1 Tank in a sleek gray finish, equipped with an Airsoft cannon. The 2.4 GHz 20-channel full-function remote control ensures interference-free battles with up to 50 tanks, offering variable speed control for forward and reverse, as well as left and right track turning. The turret's 180-degree rotation and the gun's elevation feature bring tactical precision to the battlefield. With the capability to launch Airsoft BBs and gel water bombs (100 rounds of each included), coupled with full action lights and sound, including authentic cannon recoil, this tank provides an immersive and exciting experience. The package includes a rechargeable Li battery with a USB charger cable, offering approximately 20 minutes of playtime on a 120-minute charge. Prepare for hours of action-packed fun with this remote-controlled tank that blends realism and entertainment seamlessly.


  • Precision Remote Control Tiger 1 Tank - Gray w/Airsoft Cannon 1:18 Scale Remote Control Tank
  • 2.4 Ghz 20 Channel Full Function Remote Control Allows Battles with Up to 50 Tanks with No Interference
  • Variable Speed Forward & Reverse Plus Left & Right Track Turning
  • Turret Rotates 180 Degrees Left & 180 Degrees Right
  • Gun Elevates Up & Down
  • Launches Airsoft BBs & Gel Water Bombs - 100 Rounds of Each Included
  • Full Action Lights & Sound with Cannon & Engine Sounds Plus Authentic Cannon Recoil When Firing
  • Includes Rechargeable Li Battery & USB Charger Cable - Runs Approx 20 Minutes Per Charge - 4 AA Controller Batteries NOT Included