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M1134 Stryker 1/72 Plastic Model 1:72 scale Plastic

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1:72 scale
4" Long

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M1134 Stryker Model: Military Precision in 1/72 Scale by Dragon Models

Dive into the world of military precision with Dragon Models' M1134 Stryker 1/72 Plastic Model. This 1:72 scale masterpiece, stretching to about 3.75 inches in length, is a marvel of modeling excellence. Crafted from high-quality molded plastic, this model replicates the formidable M1134 Stryker with astonishing accuracy. Its highlight feature, a rotating missile launching tube, adds a dynamic touch to this static model. Each piece comes encased in an acrylic display case, ensuring your model remains a pristine collectible. Ideal for military enthusiasts and model collectors, this M1134 Stryker brings a piece of modern warfare history into your home or office.


  • Precision M1134 Stryker 1/72 Plastic Model 1:72 scale Plastic
  • Model is approximately 3.75" long
  • Molded plastic construction
  • Missile launching tube rotates
  • Acrylic display case included