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M2A2 ODS Bradley 1/72 Plastic Model 1:72 scale Plastic

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Manufacturer Sku:
1:72 scale
3 1/2" Long

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Compact Powerhouse: M2A2 ODS Bradley 1/72 Model by Dragon Models

Embrace the detailed craftsmanship of Dragon Models with the M2A2 ODS Bradley 1/72 Plastic Model, a fine representation of military might in miniature. This 1:72 scale model, stretching just over 3.5 inches in length, is a testament to precision engineering in molded plastic. Featuring a fully rotating turret, this model encapsulates the formidable presence of the M2A2 ODS Bradley, inviting admiration for its intricacy and design. Each model is housed in a protective acrylic display case, safeguarding its meticulous details. Ideal for collectors and military enthusiasts, this model offers a unique opportunity to own a piece of armored history, perfectly scaled down to fit on your desk or shelf.


  • Precision M2A2 ODS Bradley 1/72 Plastic Model 1:72 scale Plastic
  • Model is approximately 3.5" long
  • Molded plastic construction
  • Turret rotates
  • Acrylic display case included