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World's First Car Wooden Mechanical Model Kit 152 Pieces Wood Model Kit


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Manufacturer Sku:
152 Pieces
6" Long

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  • Wooden Model Kit
  • Fun & Challenging to Build
  • Display with Pride & a Feeling of Accomplishment
  • Takes About 2 Hours to Build
  • All the construction kit parts are made of sanded plywood
Do you know what the first car looked like? It looked more like a tricycle than a modern car to modern eyes. Carl Friedrich Benz developed the first car in 1886. On January 29, when the creator showed his car to the world, the vehicle was equipped with an engine and could reach speeds up to 18 km per hour. We have created a small copy of the car, which gave rise to the whole automobile industry. Even if not 100 km, but a few meters, The First Car will go easily. Our engineers have equipped the model with a winding spring motor. To make the car go, spin the wheels backward, put the model on a flat surface, and let go. We tried to make the model's design as realistic as possible. You will see three wheels, the driver's seat, the steering lever, and other features that could be found on the first car in the world.